Welcome to the FHR Adoption Application! Thank you for choosing to adopt a trained rescue dog! This process is a little different than the average dog adoption. 

All dogs over 16 weeks will go through a minimum 4 week training program. 

Adoption Fee Structure:

Puppies under 16 weeks – $300

Dogs/Puppies over 16 weeks – $1400 

At FHR, we place our focus on training the dogs in our care and placing them in homes that want to continue that process using balanced training methods and tools.

Trained Adoptable Dogs:

  • Basic Obedience Training
    • Sit
    • Down
    • Recall
    • Heel
    • Place
    • Stay
    • Out
    • Kennel
    • Off
    • Crate Training
  • Behavior Correction
    • Any behavior issues we come across are corrected during training. (The examples below are just examples. This is not an all inclusive list.)
      • whining in the crate
      • jumping on people
      • counter surfing
      • excessive barking
  • Training Tools
    • 4′ Biothane Leash with prong collar safety clasp
    • Herm Sprenger Prong Collar
    • Mini Educator Remote Collar
    • Bonker
  • Adopter Training
    • 2 in person training sessions
    • 2 zoom/phone training sessions
    • Training Literature
    • Access to future group training sessions

We put this package together with owner success in mind while placing well trained dogs into homes.


  • We process applications on a first come basis. There may be an application in front of yours that has not been processed yet.
  • As a 100% volunteer run rescue, we cannot guarantee application processing turn around time. We do the very best we can to be time efficient, but we all work full time jobs and run the rescue in our free time.
  • Completing an application does not guarantee you an approval, adoption, or any specific dog. This is not a contract. This form gives us information about you so we can determine the best home for our dogs.
  • All spaces on this application must be completed. If spaces are left blank, the application will not submit.
  • If you do not provide contact information for your vet/references/landlord, we will not process your application.
  • You must be over 18 to adopt a dog.
  • If you are not the homeowner you must provide the homeowner’s contact info.
  • We check personal and veterinary references, verify homeownership or get landlord/homeowner approval, and strive to match each dog with the home that will be the best fit.
  • Your application does not need to be dog specific. You may apply for more than one dog, a litter, etc.
  • We do not allow sibling adoption or the adoption of more than one puppy due to the high possibility of Littermate Syndrome.
  • We make no breed guarantees. All dogs are assumed to be mixed and breeds are guessed based on appearance.
  • All dogs are trained using Balanced Training Methods. 

Our adoption fee is $300/Puppies under 16 weeks. $800-$1500/over 16 weeks.
All dogs adopted from our program are spayed/neutered, current on vaccinations, microchipped with lifetime registration, heartworm tested and on preventative (if old enough).